DeepForest has Windows, Linux and OSX prebuilt wheels on pypi. We strongly recommend using a conda or virtualenv to create a clean installation container.

pip install DeepForest

DeepForest is also available on conda-forge to help users compile code and manage dependencies. Conda builds are currently available for windows, osx and linux, python 3.6 or 3.7. For help installing conda see: conda quickstart.

For example, to create a env test with python 3.7

conda create --name test python=3.7
conda activate test
conda install -c conda-forge deepforest

For questions on conda-forge installation, please submit issues to the feedstock repo:

Source Installation

DeepForest can alternatively be installed from source using the github repository. The python package dependencies are managed by conda.

git clone
cd DeepForest
conda env create --file=environment.yml
conda activate DeepForest
#build c extentions for retinanet
python build_ext --inplace