Source code for deepforest.evaluate

Evaluation module
import pandas as pd
import geopandas as gpd
import shapely
import numpy as np
import cv2
from PIL import Image

from deepforest import IoU
from deepforest.utilities import check_file
from deepforest import visualize

[docs]def evaluate_image(predictions, ground_df, root_dir, savedir=None): """ Compute intersection-over-union matching among prediction and ground truth boxes for one image Args: df: a pandas dataframe with columns name, xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, label. The 'name' column should be the path relative to the location of the file. summarize: Whether to group statistics by plot and overall score image_coordinates: Whether the current boxes are in coordinate system of the image, e.g. origin (0,0) upper left. root_dir: Where to search for image names in df savedir: optional directory to save image with overlaid predictions and annotations Returns: result: pandas dataframe with crown ids of prediciton and ground truth and the IoU score. """ plot_names = predictions["image_path"].unique() if len(plot_names) > 1: raise ValueError("More than one plot passed to image crown: {}".format(plot_name)) else: plot_name = plot_names[0] predictions['geometry'] = predictions.apply( lambda x:, x.ymin, x.xmax, x.ymax), axis=1) predictions = gpd.GeoDataFrame(predictions, geometry='geometry') ground_df['geometry'] = ground_df.apply( lambda x:, x.ymin, x.xmax, x.ymax), axis=1) ground_df = gpd.GeoDataFrame(ground_df, geometry='geometry') # match result = IoU.compute_IoU(ground_df, predictions) #add the label classes result["predicted_label"] = result.prediction_id.apply(lambda x: predictions.label.loc[x] if pd.notnull(x) else x) result["true_label"] = result.truth_id.apply(lambda x: ground_df.label.loc[x]) if savedir: image = np.array("{}/{}".format(root_dir, plot_name)))[:,:,::-1] image = visualize.plot_predictions(image, df=predictions) image = visualize.plot_predictions(image, df=ground_df, color=(0,165,255)) cv2.imwrite("{}/{}".format(savedir, plot_name), image) return result
[docs]def evaluate(predictions, ground_df, root_dir, iou_threshold=0.4, savedir=None): """Image annotated crown evaluation routine submission can be submitted as a .shp, existing pandas dataframe or .csv path Args: predictions: a pandas dataframe, if supplied a root dir is needed to give the relative path of files in The labels in ground truth and predictions must match. If one is numeric, the other must be numeric. ground_df: a pandas dataframe, if supplied a root dir is needed to give the relative path of files in root_dir: location of files in the dataframe 'name' column. Returns: results: a dataframe of match bounding boxes box_recall: proportion of true positives of box position, regardless of class box_precision: proportion of predictions that are true positive, regardless of class class_recall: a pandas dataframe of class level recall and precision with class sizes """ check_file(ground_df) check_file(predictions) # Run evaluation on all plots results = [] box_recalls = [] box_precisions = [] for image_path, group in ground_df.groupby("image_path"): #clean indices image_predictions = predictions[predictions["image_path"] == image_path].reset_index(drop=True) #If empty, add to list without computing IoU if image_predictions.empty: result = pd.DataFrame({"truth_id":group.index.values,"prediction_id": None, "IoU":0, "predicted_label": None, "score":None, "match":None,"true_label":group.label}) #An empty prediction set has recall of 0, precision of NA. box_recalls.append(0) results.append(result) continue else: group = group.reset_index(drop=True) result = evaluate_image(predictions=image_predictions, ground_df=group, root_dir=root_dir, savedir=savedir) result["image_path"] = image_path result["match"] = result.IoU > iou_threshold true_positive = sum(result["match"]) recall = true_positive / result.shape[0] precision = true_positive / image_predictions.shape[0] box_recalls.append(recall) box_precisions.append(precision) results.append(result) results = pd.concat(results) box_precision = np.mean(box_precisions) box_recall = np.mean(box_recalls) #Per class recall and precision class_recall_dict = {} class_precision_dict = {} class_size = {} box_results = results[results.predicted_label.notna()] if box_results.empty: print("No predictions made") box_recall = 0 box_precision = 0 class_recall = pd.DataFrame() return {"results": results, "box_precision": box_precision, "box_recall": box_recall, "class_recall":class_recall} for name, group in box_results.groupby("true_label"): class_recall_dict[name] = sum(group.true_label == group.predicted_label)/group.shape[0] number_of_predictions = box_results[box_results.predicted_label==name].shape[0] if number_of_predictions == 0: class_precision_dict[name] = 0 else: class_precision_dict[name] = sum(group.true_label == group.predicted_label)/number_of_predictions class_size[name] = group.shape[0] class_recall = pd.DataFrame({"label":class_recall_dict.keys(),"recall":pd.Series(class_recall_dict), "precision":pd.Series(class_precision_dict), "size":pd.Series(class_size)}).reset_index(drop=True) return {"results": results, "box_precision": box_precision, "box_recall": box_recall, "class_recall":class_recall}